Perfectionism Made Me Feel Like I Was Never Good Enough

Graphic by Kayleen Dicuangco

I’m still trying to find my way out.

One apple.

That’s what I’d allow myself in the middle of the day. I remember staring at it, although at times it felt more like it had its gaze on me. I don’t remember what I’d had for breakfast, but I’m sure it wasn’t much, even though I was obsessed with food or, more accurately, denying myself of it. The calories I did consume in a day were burned off in high intensity workouts. I thought that I was treating my body like a temple, but it would be more accurate to describe it as a torture chamber.

I was in my early 20s and the skinniest I’d been in my lifetime. My sister tried to talk to me about it once. “You’re quite thin these days,” she commented out of

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Should University Education Be Free For All?

Education is the most critical and pressing issue for the development of any country and more and more reforms are brought in this sector with the passage of time. No one denies the sheer role and significance of education in making a better nation and a progressive world. Where many people manage to get primary and secondary education, provided free in most of the countries, it is difficult to most in getting themselves equipped with the higher or university education due to the high cost/fee. Hence, there has always been this debate of whether the university education should be free for all.

For most of the people say that it should be free as getting knowledge is a basic right and it should not come with a price tag. Most of the people cannot afford the huge cost of higher education and many of the future Einstein and Marx are

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Spring 2022 Fashion: Four Top Trends From The Runways

Design by Danielle Campbell

And where to shop them.

The start of the new year brings with it a chance for renewal and fresh beginnings. But if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, it also brings frigid temperatures, gusty weather and slushy streets. And while we love a layered style, we can’t help but dream of spring and the fashion warmer weather brings. Until we can safely say goodbye to Old Man Winter, we’ll be taking a look back at the spring 2022 fashion trends that dominated the runways, so we’ll be armed and ready with outfits that look impressive online and IRL.

Whether you’re looking to update your wardrobe for the new season or just get inspired, these trends are sure to give you something to aspire to. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the spring fashion trends for

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Style Icon Mj Rodriguez Makes History At The 2022 Golden Globes

Photography courtesy of Rachel Murray/Getty Images for ELLE

The category is: breaking boundaries.

Mj Rodriguez is no stranger to making history.

After becoming the first transgender actor to receive an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress in 2021, she earned a historic win on January 9 when she became the first transgender woman to receive a Golden Globe award.

The 31-year-old star won the award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Drama Series for her role as Blanca Evangelista in the FX series Pose.

Set in New York City, Pose follows the underground drag ball culture of the 1980s and ‘90s and centres on stories of queer and trans communities during the AIDS crisis. Rodriguez’s Blanca is a housemother and nurse living with HIV. Blanca forms the House of Evangelista — inspired by Canadian ‘90s supermodel Linda Evangelista

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Chanel Drops Its No. 1 Skincare Range + More Beauty News

Photography Courtesy of Chanel.

Including a new collab with Bridgerton and Pat McGrath Labs, an eye gel for sleepy mornings, and the relaunch of a millennial favourite foundation.

No. 1 de Chanel is here and its a full range of eco-minded skincare, makeup and fragrance

Photography Courtesy of Chanel

After ten years of development, Chanel released No.1 this week, a new range of skincare and makeup and a fragrance mist based on sustainable initiatives and extracts from the red camellia flower. The standout Revitalizing Serum contains 95 per cent natural ingredients, 76 per cent of which are derived from the red camellia. The flower, which Chanel harvests by hand on sustainable and organic farms in Gaujacq in the south of France, was chosen not only as a long-standing icon of the brand, but also for its long-studied positive effects on “senescence.” The

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