Indigenous Regalia Finds New Audience and Appreciation on TikTok

Photography (from left) by Devin Featherstone, Norman Wong and courtesy of Michelle Chubb.

Social distancing pushed powwows online, helping to create new social media stars while lifting spirits and nurturing an appreciation for regalia in a new audience.

James Jones’s breathtaking variety of regalia — the term for a powwow dancer’s outfits and accessories — would have sat unseen for over a year if it weren’t for TikTok. Better known as @notoriouscree to his three million followers, the Edmonton-based dancer has been breaking out his grass, hoop and fancy dance attire on the social media platform, often explaining his moves and clothing styles to a rapt audience. Part of Jones’s online appeal lies in how he inserts powwow into TikTok’s other trending routines, like the Hold Up and Blinding Lights challenges; it’s also in the visual attraction of his colourful outfits, which until

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Eco-Anxiety Related to Climate Crisis Is Real — Here’s What You Can Do

Photography by Getty Images

Eco-anxiety describes our persistent worries about the future of the earth and the life it sustains.

This past June brought unusually sweltering temperatures from the Pacific Northwest, creeping east to Gibbons, Alta., where Terri-Lynn Lunty resides. A sustained drought in the area had meant tight water restrictions, and a handful of rainy days brought little relief. Lunty remembers looking outside her window at her yellow yard and the fried trees in the distance. “Everything was dead,” Lunty says. She worried about her nine month old baby, whom she moved into the basement guest room with a portable air conditioner to cool down.

“As a mother, one of my biggest fears is not being able to keep my baby safe,” she says. “With the way things are progressing, I can’t guarantee he has a future. The worst part about it

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The Debut of Ciara’s Acessory Brand Dare to Roam + More News

Photography courtesy of Dare to Roam

Including H&M’s new collaboration with Indian designer Sabyasachi.

With summer winding down and that back-to-school vibe in the air (not to mention many folks making their return to the office), Ciara’s new commuter-friendly accessory brand Dare to Roam has launched just in time. Plus, Tommy Hilfiger’s new collection with Romeo Hunte and more fashion news you need to know.

Ciara’s accessory brand is inspired by movement

It’s time to add “designer” to this singer’s resumé. Ciara’s accessory brand Dare to Roam, made of antimicrobial and water-resistant fabrics, launched on August 11. The collection was inspired by “life in motion” and created to make commuting and travelling as easy (and stylish) as possible. For every purchase made, three percent of sales go toward the Why Not You Foundation, which fights child poverty through education and mentorship.

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Men in tights: Is this the future of gender-fluid fashion?

Photography courtesy of Threads for Men

We spoke to Threads For Men founder Xenia Chen, Canadian drag superstar Tynomi Banks, and influencer Christian Thompson about shattering gender barriers — one pair of pantyhose at a time.

Men in tights are having a moment. Don’t believe me? Take, for instance, fashion-forward celebrities like Harry Styles and Lil Nas X, who have worn pantyhose under dresses on red carpets, press events and magazine covers. For Prada’s Fall 2021 menswear collection, the combined genius of Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons resulted in models strutting in skin-tight leggings and onesies (see look 22).  The impact of men’s hosiery can also be seen on our screens: RuPaul’s Drag Race, The Witcher, and Marvel’s Avengers have all become phenomenons and hey, if I can see the outline of “America’s Ass” — the title (fittingly) given

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Prince Andrew Sued for Sexual Assault by Virgina Roberts Giuffre

Photography by Getty Images

The Duke of York is being sued by Virginia Roberts Giuffre, the Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell accuser who alleges the royal sexually abused her when she was a minor.

On August 9, Virginia Roberts Giuffre filed a lawsuit against Prince Andrew, accusing him of sexually abusing her when she was just 17 years old, as reported by the New York Times. Giuffre, now 38, is a longtime accuser of Jeffrey Epstein, the accused sex offender who maintained a friendship with Prince Andrew for 20 years. Epstein died by suicide in jail while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges two years ago, and many high-profile members of his inner circle, including Prince Andrew, have since been suspected of taking part in the sexual abuse of minors.

The Manhattan-filed court documents allege that Queen Elizabeth II’s second-born son

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