Naomi Osaka & Simone Biles Are Addressing Olympic Anxiety

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Olympic angst is nothing new—who can forget Kurt Browning’s apology to Canada after the 1994 Winter games?

It was the 1994 Winter Olympic Games in Lillehammer, Norway. Canadian world champion figure skater Kurt Browning was poised to take home a gold medal. But during his televised performance, he shockingly fell on his triple flip. Nerves set in, and as the performance went on, he failed to execute his double Axel. Once he completed his rocky performance, Browning bowed to the audience, and the camera closed in on his face seemingly mouthing the word “unbelievable.”

A live taping of the event shows a disappointed Browning sitting next to his coach after the skate, saying, “I need a hug,” while an Olympics commentator voices over the clip with, “Disaster doesn’t begin to describe what happened to Kurt

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CRUSH Art Exhibit: Until July 31, All Proceeds Benefit Rainbow Railroad

“Wait, What” by Carlos Benzecri, available for sale until July 31 at CRUSH. Photography courtesy of XPOSED.

CRUSH, an exhibit of Canadian art, runs until July 31. All proceeds go to Rainbow Railroad, an organization that helps LGBTQI+ individuals facing persecution find safety through emergency relocation.

A piece of art is the easiest way to quickly transform your living space. Now, you can add a new print to your home and do some serious good at the same time. Like, help save a life good.

CRUSH is an exhibit curated and presented by XPOSED — a collaborative content platform that highlights inclusive culture, fashion and arts, co-founded by FASHION’s very own creative and fashion director George Antonopoulos — in collaboration with Yorkville Village. Running until July 31, the curated show features pieces from six Canadian artists in celebration of Pride Toronto 2021

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Guerlain Taps Violette As Its New Director of Makeup Creation

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Including a beloved skincare brand’s first-ever retinol product.

JB Skin Sävvi introduces the Harmoni range

Montreal-based skincare brand JB Skin Sävvi (formerly JB Skin Guru), led by Canadian facialist Jennifer Brodeur (who works with the likes of Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey), has just launched its newest range of products since relaunching earlier this year. The Harmoni collection features two products, La Crème Harmoni and Le Sérum Harmoni, designed to restore and balance sensitive and blemish-prone skin, making the products perfect for peak summer humidity.

Kiehl’s launches its first retinol product

Curious about retinol, the holy grail skincare ingredient that’s been proven to target everything from wrinkles to acne to discolouration, but feel intimidated by the often-potent and irritating vitamin A derivative? Kiehl’s has come to your rescue. The brand’s first-ever retinol product, Retinol Skin-Renewing Daily Micro-Dose

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Marc Jacobs Facelift: Designer Shares Post-Plastic Surgery Selfie

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The designer took to Instagram to share a refreshingly candid, bandaged-up selfie with the hashtags #f*ckgravity and #livelovelift.

There are very few certainties in life, but perhaps the most obvious one is that everyone gets older, plain and simple. The aging process doesn’t care how much time, money, and effort you put into staying eternally youthful. Sure, you can keep certain signs of aging at bay, but in the end, biology will always win.

Through a very candid (and perhaps a little graphic) selfie, fashion royalty Marc Jacobs gave us a glimpse into his own relationship with getting older. Dressed in a helmet-like array of bandages, pumps and tubes covering his head, the designer appeared to be in a hospital room. While most who see this photo would naturally come to an alarming conclusion, the caption nonchalantly reads “Yesterday”

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TikTok Fashion Trends Aren’t Just for Gen Z Fashionistas

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Personal stylist, TikTok creator and ageless fashion advocate Barbara Aleks is here to help.

Fifteen minutes into my first scroll session on TikTok, I found myself thinking, “Am I old?” Not only was I embarrassingly late to the social media phenomenon, but as I went down rabbit hole after rabbit hole of fashion-related hashtags, I found myself filled with doubt. Am I dressing all wrong? Why don’t I own any pleated tennis skirts? Do I need a tie-dye sweatsuit to prove my youth? 

If the rise of the TikTok aesthetic has taught us anything, it’s that teenage girls currently own the internet — just look at Gen Z’s Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae, the two most-followed stars on the platform. Using only their dance skills and messy childhood bedrooms as a backdrop, Gen Z users ignited a new trend

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