Canadian Rock Band Crown Lands Talk Hair, Music and Identity

Photography: Travis Shinn

This Canadian rock band’s glorious manes aren’t the only things turning heads. Their socially conscious lyrics shine a spotlight on First Nations.

Buoyant, shoulder-grazing tresses are a prominent feature of Crown Lands, the genre- bending psych-blues rock band comprising Cody Bowles and Kevin Comeau. “They’ve definitely become part of our identity, for sure,” comments Comeau. “Our hair is important to the band and what it represents.”

The pair, who hail from Oshawa, Ont., began their joint hair journeys six years ago, back when Bowles (vocals, drums) and Comeau (guitar, bass, keys) first met and quickly bonded over their shared obsession with Canadian progressive rock band Rush. Their look developed out of necessity rather than an active decision, shares Comeau. “It was more about the fact that I had spent all of my money on guitars, so I didn’t have

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Miss Universe Canada 2020 Winner Nova Stevens on Modelling & Activism

Photographer: Peter Tamlin. Fashion: Brandon Laughton. Makeup: Lou Swinden-Payne. Hair: Adrian Carew. Production: MGMode.

“Canada’s a land of immigrants and it’s our diversity that makes us so beautiful. But I find that often times in certain industries—a lot of industries—it’s always one face that’s being shown as the face of Canada and I’m tired of it.”

Nova Stevens’ path to her current career as a model and actress hasn’t come easy. She was born in Kenya to parents who, fleeing the civil war in South Sudan, decided to send her to Canada at the age of six with the hope of providing her a better life and more opportunities. She hasn’t seen her parents in 22 years but lived with various other family members in Alberta and Ontario until the age of 15, when she decided to move out and live on her

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Meet the Curl Boss Behind Canadian Haircare Line LUS Brands

Photo courtesy of LUS Brands. Design by Danielle Campbell.

This is Texture Talk, a weekly column that deep dives into the dynamic world of curly hair, from crowns of curls that are free flowing to strands that are tucked away in a protective style.

Frizz: The unwelcome F-word in beauty that has been tossed around for decades when it comes to hair. Something that’s seen as needing to be tamed, dealt with and, whether overt or veiled, a word that has long been directed at curly hair. Just Google synonyms for frizz and, bam: every curl type (wave, curl, coil and kink) shows up.

The beauty industry’s stance on fighting frizzy curls has softened as of late thanks to more and more curly-haired folks learning to except and embrace their natural textures, but when Toronto-based Sahar Saidi got the idea to start her

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The Zara x Jo Loves Collection Is Now Available in Canada

Gifting a fragrance, in my opinion, is tricky territory. Is it presumptuous to offer someone a scent you like and hope they’d wear it? Are you insinuating they smell bad? Perhaps I’m overthinking this, but unless it’s re-purchasing a scent someone already wears, I usually avoid it all together. This is a mistake, Jo Malone, CBE, tells me.

Malone, founder of the fragrance line Jo Loves, is synonymous with perfume (note: she is no longer associated with the brand that bears her name, “Jo Malone”). Her three-years and running partnership with Zara is available for the first time in Canada, and the collection of affordable candles and fragrances is perfectly giftable, she says. Read on for her thoughts on gifting fragrance and the best-smell items from the Zara x Jo Loves collection.

Do you think gifting fragrance is a good idea? Are

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Set the Tone For Your Day With Luxe Lingerie From Australia’s Sevigne

This new lingerie brand believes a pretty foundation is key to feeling good in your skin.

Created for Sevigne 

If there was one major takeaway from this year’s hottest fashion trends (tie dye, elevated loungewear, fuzzy slippers, etc.), it’s that dressing for yourself and being comfortable is—and will most likely remain—a big priority.

But just because you’ve been opting for cozier, more laid-back pieces these days (sherpa and cashmere, anyone?) doesn’t mean you shouldn’t aim for elevated and elegant underneath. Enter: Sevigne, a new luxury lingerie brand that’s making the case for dressing up for yourself—and only yourself—starting with your intimates. 

The female-owned Australian brand, which launched in Canada this month, was founded on the philosophy that lingerie should be refined, fit well and enhance your natural shape. Likewise, what you wear beneath your clothing is just as important as the

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