P{H}ASE SKIN is the New Canadian Skincare Brand to Know

From a brand new Canadian skincare line to an emotional speech by the one and only Viola Davis, keep scrolling for what caught our attention this past week.

Courtesy of P{H}ASE SKIN

Canadian skincare line P{H}ASE SKIN makes its mark during a global pandemic

The brainchild of two Toronto-based female entrepreneurs who leveraged their background in skincare science, P{H}ASE SKIN is an edited, four-piece skincare line that’s formulated using innovative skin mapping and biochemistry to work in tandem with, and adapt to, the hormonal changes in a woman’s natural cycle, whether that be menstrual, perimenopausal or menopausal. Why? Because it’s no myth that hormonal fluctuations can have a big effect on our skin. For instance, there’s the P{H}ASE Kit ($82), a three-step system for women who are menstruating, which consists of the P{H}ASE 1 Nourish Hydrating Repair Serum (recommended for the first nine days of one’s cycle), the P{H}ASE 2 Glow Exfoliating Solution (for the next eight days) and finally P{H}ASE 3 Rebalance Skin Rebalancing Cream (for the last nine days). There’s also the P{H}ASE II Menopause Serum ($88) that works specifically to target collagen production and promote lost hydration in mature skin. P{H}ASE SKIN’s ingredients list is also quite impressive, with potent actives, like hyaluronic acid, ginseng root extract, aloe leaf, niacinamide and hemp-derived cannabis sativa seed oil packed into the formulas. Bonus: there’s no added colours, fragrances or parabens.

Dermalogica Canada launches a new nighttime oil that treats breakout-prone skin

Adult acne, meet your Dermalogica match. On May 28th, the cosmeceutical skincare brand launched a new high-performing night treatment oil that works double duty to target acne as well as signs of aging. The hero ingredients of the new Retinol Clearing Oil ($114) are breakout-fighting salicylic acid and retinol, a powerhouse when it comes to minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. It also features a nourishing, lipid-based delivery system: a cocktail of argan, rosehip seed and jojoba oils that promote a healthy glow. The oil treatment is gentle enough to use nightly (Dermalogica recommends six to 10 drops massaged over your face and neck after cleansing) and is available for purchase online via dermalogica.ca.

L’Oréal Paris spokeswoman Viola Davis gives a powerful, uplifting and *timely* address to the beauty giant’s Instagram followers

Society currently feels like such an extremely dark, hate-filled and unjust place with the continual instances of police abuse and violence against people of colour. On May 28th, award-winning actress, producer and L’Oréal Paris ambassador Viola Davis jumped on the beauty brand’s IGTV and spun the company’s iconic tagline line, “You’re Worth It”, into a much-needed pep talk. If you’re feeling down, defeated and less than, we highly encourage you to watch it.