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There may be nothing worse than a lady with plenty of make-up on. It will probably make you look old and draggish. Sexual jujitsu is mainly the identical. A shy or timid wife or girlfriend who’s resisting your sexual wants is definitely providing you with opportunity after alternative to take the lead, to take control, to sexually dominate your wife or girlfriend. The fundamental trick is to make use of her shyness to get her to comply with sexual exercise in very very small levels. Get her to perform a little extra every time, reward her bodily and emotionally and then, when she is comfy once more, raise the bar. It is a easy course of of coaching submissive women in much the identical means as you train a baby or an athlete. And it is her very submissive nature that helps you as a result of she might be snug with the small steps that would drive a non-submissive lady crazy.